Our History

Necessity may very well be the father of invention but, time has a way of changing things and the invention has become the necessity!

As a young couple with two very young boys, my husband Greg and I bought an inn in Stowe, Vermont.

My idea was to serve a breakfast that wasn’t typical, not pancakes or fried eggs. Everything had to be made fresh that morning and full of flavor. My scones, cakes and muffins were a hit; the scrumptious egg dishes were inhaled; the yogurt, fresh fruit and berries completely consumed. But, the granola was devoured. Our guests praised it with comments and questions like:

“Can I bring some on my hike?”

“Wow, Where did you get this?”

“Mmmm, My friends will love this stuff!”

“How can I possibly live four hours from this granola?”

“Do you sell this?”

My “Aha!” moment…

For nine years I played with the ingredients - changing, adding, taking away. It
morphed a number of times before this final, yummy version of Mitzi’s Fresh
Mountain Breakfast Granola was born.

I’d love to bake a fresh batch for you!