Our Products

4 oz. bag: Great snack size for on-the-go breakfasts and busy days.

12 oz. bag: Mitzi's Fresh Mountain breakfast makes a wonderful gift for the person
who kept any eye on your house or took care of your animals while you were on
vacation. It's a delicious "Thank You" to your child's teacher or that special friend
who extended a helping hand. How about a stocking stuffer, Easter Basket treat or
house warming gift? Keep a bag in your car for those tummy grumbling, in-between
meal times. What a relief to have this crunchy, clumpy satisfyingly yummy concoction
in your desk drawer because you are too busy to go to lunch!

Bulk Bag: Keeping Fresh Mountain Breakfast on hand will help with those hectic mornings
when breakfast could almost slip away; those "When is Dinner?" whiners and the perfect
Mm-mm-m topping to jazz up your ice-cream. Pack it in lunches, backpacks for hiking or
the long airplane ride. Bake it in muffins, as a crunchy maple topping on apple crisp or in
your green salad instead of croutons!